Mortgage advice

Sensible mortgage advice for first time buyers

I created this blog after my daughter bought her first home in 2014 and I struggled to find good and reliable mortgage advice for first time buyers. I hope to write this blog on an easy to read format with useful advice for anyone looking to get on the housing ladder and take out a mortgage for the very first time.

Taking out a mortgage is a big committment and having a good understanding of the process involved can help you ensure you avoid any costly mistakes, and get the right mortgage advice when you need it most. In this blog I’ll be discussing what to look out for when speaking with a mortgage broker, the types of mortgages on offer, and some useful tips for finding your dream home.

I’d welcome contributions from other people and will be presenting a mortgage and first time buyer Q&A session at for new home buyers where I’ll be pleased to answer any of your mortgage related questions, or questions about buying a home for the very first time.

Simply pop along to the website between 2pm and 3pm on Saturdays and I’ll be available as part of the mortgage team to answer any of your questions in person.

Jane Andrews,
Mother of 3 and mortgage broker

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